A Complete, Up-to-Date Compilation of Professional Works by Nancy Helm-Estabrooks

Published resources for aphasia and related communication disorders.

Invited Lectures and Presentations

Helm-Estabrooks, N., “Afasia y cognicion. Una perspectiva historica”. III CongressoInternacional de Afasiologia. Sponsored by Centro Medico ABC, Campus Sante Fe, Mexico City. June, 27, 2016.

Helm-Estabrooks, N., Application of the “Process Approach” to Assessment and Treatment ofAphasia. Sponsored by: Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, October 19, 2013

Helm-Estabrooks, N. & DePompei, Cognition and Communication: Working with Children and Adults with Traumatic Brain Injuries, 30th Annual Van Riper Lecture Series, Sponsored by The Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at Western Michigan University, Psi Iota Xi, and the College of Health and Human Services.  Kalamazoo, MI, October 4, 2013.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Using the Process Approach to Design Individualized Aphasia Therapy Programs.  North Carolina Speech, Hearing and Language Association 23rd Annual Convention. Raleigh, NC, April 24, 2013

Helm-Estabrooks, N. “The Process Approach to Assessment of Communication Disorders to Better Inform Treatment Plans”.  Sponsored by Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences. Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC, November 8, 2012

Helm-Estabrooks, N. “Then, Now, and Beyond: Two Decades of Changes in our Field and Expectations for the Future.”  20th Annual Cullowhee Conference on Communication Disorders. Sponsored by Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences. Western Carolina University. March 22, 2012.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. “Aphasia & Cognition: Relevance for Functional Communication and Therapy Response” 4th Annual Leadership Conference, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, April 15, 2011.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. “Self-Determination and Aphasia & Use of Life Interests and Values Cards” Presented to: CD839: Aphasia in Adults: Assessment and Intervention" at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute for Health Professionals, Boston, MA. April 13, 2011

Nelson, N. and Helm-Estabrooks, N. “New Models for Language-Literacy Assessment and Intervention for School-age Children LLD and with TBI”, 17th Cullowhee Conference, April 8-9, 2009.  Sponsored by: Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Maximizing Our Effectiveness with Adults Having Neurologic Communication Disorders, Oklahoma City, sponsored by: Oklahoma Academy of Medical Speech-Language Pathologists, July 11, 2009

Helm-Estabrooks, N. &  Holland, A.  New Approaches to Helping People with Aphasia,  Mid-Tennessee Conference on Communication Disorders, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN, April 19, 2008.

Helm-Estabrooks, N,. Melodic Intonation Therapy for Aphasia. UNC-Greensboro Conference: Communication Disorders:  Application of Neuroscience and Music, March 7, 2008.

Helm-Estabrooks, N., Life Interest and Values Cards: A binary sorting system for people with severe aphasia.  Annual Convention of Speech & Hearing Association of Alabama, February 29, 2008

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Executive Functions and Functional Generalization of Aphasia Therapy. Midsouth Conference, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, February 26, 2007  

Helm-Estabrooks, N., Perseveration: Clinical and functional implications.  Sponsored by Mountain Area Health Education Center, Asheville, NC, October 26, 2006.

Helm-Estabrooks, N., Perseveration: Manifestations in various forms of adult brain damage.  University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, October 6, 2006.  

Helm-Estabrooks, N.,  La neurolinguistica y la neuruopsicologia en un problema toral: la perdida total o parcial del lenguaje.  Diagnostico y terapeutica., Sponsored by: El Instituto Mexicano De La Audicion y El Lenguaje.  Mexico City, Mexico, February 9-11, 2005.

Helm-Estabrooks, N.  Five primary forms of cognition: Implications for stroke rehabilitation.  Quick assessment of five primary forms of cognition.  2nd Atlanta Canada Stroke Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, October 5, 2002.

Helm-Estabrooks, N., Quick assessment of five primary domains of cognition important to stroke rehabilitation.  Advances in Stroke, 9th Annual Rehabilitation Conference, Providence, RI, September 13, 2002.

Helm-Estabrooks, N., Implications of the five primary domains of cognition for rehabilitation. 22nd Annual Neurorehabilitation Conference on Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, and Movement Disorders.  Cambridge, MA, November 3, 2001.

Helm-Estabrooks, N., Communicating with individuals with aphasia versus dementia.  FirstAnnual Wellington Memory Lecture on Aphasia, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center, Boston, Massachusetts, June 29, 2001.

Helm-Estabrooks, N.  Forms of perseveration.  Neuropsychology Rounds,  Neuropsychology Training Program, Brown University Medical School March 26, 2001.

Helm-Estabrooks, N.  Current Approaches to aphasia rehabilitation: underlying processes and functional outcomes.  Neurology of Behavior, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, October 17, 2000.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Issues of cognition: Impact on team rehabilitation and functional outcomes.  12th Annual Stroke Rehabilitation Conference. Cambridge, MA. October 12, 2000.

Helm-Estabrooks, N.  Expanding communicative potential following stroke. Annual Multidisciplinary Stroke Conference, The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, April 6, 2000.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. The influence of Edith Kaplan’s Teachings on Methods for Treating Aphasia. Conference Honoring Edith Kaplan’s Life and Work. Boston, MA, February 9, 1999.

Helm-Estabrooks, N.  Aphasia rehabilitation methods: New developments. American Speech and Hearing Association Convention.  San Antonio, TX, November 21, 1998.

Helm-Estabrooks, N.  Methods for treating aphasia within today’s healthcare environment. Healthsouth Braintree Hospital 19th Annual Conference on Head Injury & Stroke, Boston, MA, November 9, 1998.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Current trends in aphasia treatment.  Healthsouth Braintree Hospital 19th Annual Conference on Head Injury & Stroke, Boston, MA, November 9, 1998.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. The problem of perseveration. Cognitive Neuroscience Seminars.  Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, Boston, MA, February 12, 1998.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Six degrees of Carl Wernicke. Academy of Neurogenic Communication Disorders and Sciences. Boston, MA,  November 19,1997.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. A study of "anomic aphasia" in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke and normal aging. A Celebration of Harold Goodglass. Sponsored by Boston University School of Medicine. August 16, 1996.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Cognitive considerations in aphasia rehabilitation. West Coast Neuropsychology Conference.  Sponsored by the Psychiatry Education and Research Foundation and University of California at San Diego Department of Psychiatry.  April 20, 1996.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Helping dementia patients with their communication problems.  West Coast Neuropsychology Conference.  Sponsored by the Psychiatry Education and Research Foundation and University of California at San Diego Department of Psychiatry. April 20, 1996.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. A comprehensive treatment program for patients with acquired brain damage. Sponsored by the Department of Communicalogic Disorders, University of Puerto Rico, February 21, 1996.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Evaluation and management of perseveration in the neurologically impaired. Sponsored by Department of Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences and Department of Neurology,  Medical University of South Carolina. September 15, 1995.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Apraxia: A disorder of learned movements. Symposium on Sports, Dance, Movement and the Brain. Sponsored by The Foundation for Human Potential. Chicago, IL, April 22, 1995.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Perseveration in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Aphasic Stroke Patients. College of Health Related Professions, Department of Communication Disorders. University of Puerto Rico.San Juan, Puerto Rico, April 11, 1995.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Treatment of perseveration in aphasia. Austrian Academy of Science, Department of Linguistics and Communication Research, Vienna, Austria, June 20, 1994.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Rehabilitation Challenges in the 90's: Treatment of Aphasia and Related Disorders.  Sponsored by Carondelet Rehabilitation Services of Arizona (Speech, Language, Hearing Services).  May 7 & 8, 1993.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Intervencion en la afasia: La perspectiva de la escuela de Boston. Universidad de Salamanca. Salamanca, Spain.  November 9, 1992.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Recent Contributions of Classical Neuropsychological Theory to the Treatment of Aphasia.  Presented at World Federation of Neurology (Research Group on Aphasia and Cognitive Disorders). London, Ontario, Canada.  October 24, 1992.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Influence of perseveration in TBI and A Brief Test of Head Injury.  Presented at the Fifteenth Annual Conference in Brain Injury Rehabilitation: Coma to Communicating.  Sponsored by The Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.  San Jose, CA, March 27, 1992.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. The Boston Approach to the assessment and rehabilitation of aphasia.  West Coast Neuropsychology Conference: Recent Advances in the Boston Approach to Neuropsychological Assessment.  Sponsored by The University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, San Diego, CA, February 1-2, 1992.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. New methods in aphasia rehabilitation.  Sponsored by Neurology of Behavior, Harvard University, Department of Continuing Education, December 9, 1991.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Brief Test of Head Injury: A standard exam.  Presented at the 12th Annual Braintree Hospital Traumatic Head Injury Conference, October 3, 1991.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Diagnostic and therapeutic innovations in communication disorders. Sponsored by Midwestern Adult Communication Disorders Group and Jewish Memorial Hospital.St. Louis, MO, November 3, 1990.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Assessment and treatment of aphasia and related disorders. Sponsored by Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, September 25-29, 1990.

Kaplan, E., Helm-Estabrooks, N., Ramsberger, G. Neuropsychological assessment and treatment of language and cognitive disorders:  A process approach.  Sponsored by Mapleton Center for Rehabilitation.  Boulder, CO.  June, 1990.

 Helm-Estabrooks, N. Evaluation and treatment of severe aphasia.  Sponsored by New York State Speech, Language and Hearing Association.  Kiamesha Lake, NY.  April, 1990.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Specific therapies for specific aphasias.  Sponsored by California Speech and Hearing Association. Monterrey, CA. April, 1990.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. The Bedside Test of Head Injury. Sponsored by Maine Head Injury Conference. Portland, ME. March,1990.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. and Groher, M. Aphasia and dysphagia: Comprehensive techniques for diagnosis and treatment. Sponsored by Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation. West Orange, NJ. October, 1989.

Kaplan, E. and Helm-Estabrooks, N. The Boston approach to neuropsychological assessment and treatment. Sponsored by Department of Psychology, University of New Mexico. October,1989.

Helm-Estabrooks, N.  A Bedside Test of Head Injury. 10th Annual Traumatic Head Injury Conference, The Braintree Hospital.  Braintree, MA. October, 1989.

Kaplan, E., Helm-Estabrooks, N. The Boston Process Approach to Neuropsychological Assessment and Treatment. Sponsored by Department of Psychology, University of New Mexico. Albuquerque, N.M. October 13, 1989.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. A Bedside Test of Head Injury. Workshop presented at 10th Annual Traumatic Head Injury Conference. Sponsored by Braintree Hospital, Braintree, MA. October 5, 1989.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. Aspetti qualitavidella riabilitazione in neuropsichologie; Metodi alternativi di communicazione nei sogetti afasia.  Corso di Aggiornatnento su Neuropsicologia e Riabilitazione. Sponsored by Centro Ricerche Sullá Meimona, Fidia Pharmaceutical. Abbazia di Praggia, Italy, June 16, 1989.

Helm Estabrooks, N. Innovative approaches for the aphasic patient.  National Stroke Rehabilitation Conference, April 6, 1989.

Helm-Estabrooks, N. The low-level aphasic patient, evaluation and treatment efficacy of neurologic disorders. Braintree Hospital, March 4, 1989.

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Helm-Estabrooks, N.  The Bedside Aphasia Exam, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Canada, February 15, 1988.

Helm-Estabrooks, N.  Generating aphasia treatment programs. Center for Neuropsychological Studies, Gainsville, Florida, January 8, 1988.

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Helm-Estabrooks, N.  Treating severe aphasia. International and Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Management of Aphasia and Related Disorders, International Society for  Phoniatrics and Logopedics, San Francisco, CA, April 25-26, 1987.

Helm-Estabrooks, N.  Methods and procedures of aphasia rehabilitation: perseveration and deblocking techniques in language performance.  The Twelfth Annual Course in Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychology Society of Neurology, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, December 5-6, 1986.

Helm-Estabrooks, N.  Boston VA approaches to aphasia rehabilitation. Julie McGee Lamberth Memorial Aphasia Conference, Dallas, Texas, October 17, 1986.

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Helm-Estabrooks, N.  Acquired stuttering. Neurology of Behavior, Harvard University, Department of Continuing Education, Cambridge, MA, December 15, 1983.

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